Cerro Vista Farm


Cerro Vista Farm is a 18 acre farm located in Taos County, New Mexico surrounded by 2,200 acres of pastures and alfalfa fields.  The farm lies at 7,560 feet elevation, the lowest point in the vast San Luis Valley, with spectacular 360 degree views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Rio Grande Gorge, and of numerous massive, extinct volcanoes.  

Though the growing season averages only 85 days frost free, the sandy loam soils and high mountain snowmelt that irrigates the fields enable us to grow 40 different varieties of vegetables, grains, and beans. We DO NOT use pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or GMOs to grow our premium-quality produce. Our primary fertilizers are Organic Alfalfa Compost, New Mexico Humates,  Winter Cover Crops, Sunshine, and Rain.

Much of the fresh produce grown at Cerro Vista Farm is marketed through  our Community Supported Agriculture or CSA program.  By using early-season cultivars, greenhouses, and extensive transplanting, we are able to deliver freshly-harvested produce to our Farm Share and Farmers Market customers for 25 weeks each year.  

In the fall, our root cellars are filled with potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, and squash that we Wholesale to local schools, restaurants, and grocery stores.  Our produce can also be purchased at the Taos Farmers Market, on Saturdays mornings, at the Questa Farmers Market on Sundays,  and at the Farm in Cerro on Wednesday afternoons.

During the 42 years that we have been farming in the Taos region we have developed several strains of high altitude, open-pollinated seeds, that we sell to local farmers and gardeners.   

We have also gained considerable expertise at small-scale crop production and marketing, so during the winter months we can offer consulting services for farm business planning, farm production techniques, and farm marketing, bookkeeping and accounting systems.