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Cerro Vista Farm CSA 2021

I ask you …. isn’t that Farm photo above quite a pleasant scene ? The beautiful veggies, the mountain scenery, and the changing sky provide the perfect backdrop for hundreds of people who participate in or our annual community farming project.

Cerro Vista Farm will be selling 200 Farm Shares this coming year as well as selling at three Farmers Markets. We will be expanding our vegetable seedlings sales during May and June at the Farm on Wednesday afternoons. 2021 will be Cerro Vista’s 19th year selling Farm Shares and its 38th year supplying the Taos Farmers Market.

To keep on farming, we need to begin selling CSA Farm Shares in December so that the harvest of beautiful, nutritious food can start here in May. If you can, please buy a 2021 Farm Share this month and get a Farm Cash Bonus for your early buy-in. If you already have Farm Cash, you can use it for partial payment on your 2021 Farm Share. Farm Shares will be for sale from now until we sell out.

~ Farmer Daniel ~

Second-Guessing the Pandemic in 2021

Because farming is an “essential business”, Cerro Vista’s food production and distribution operations changed very little during 2020. The main changes were at our three public markets each week where we work masks, served customers in a queue one-at-a-time, and sold mostly pre-packaged items. Because we sell mostly direct-to-consumer, restaurant and school closures in Taos County did not affect our sales.

If public health regulations stay the same for the first half of 2021, at least we have lots of practice operating the business with Covid restrictions. For crop planning purposes, I am assuming that by mid-summer some virus restrictions will be lifted and our farmers market sales will increase back to pre-pandemic levels.

Demand for vegetable and flower seedlings is expected to be very high during 2021. We will increase our seedling production at the farm by 30% during 2021 and offer plants for sale at our Wednesday afternoon market in Cerro from May 12th through June 16th.

~ Farmer Daniel ~

Masks are up

at the Taos Farmers Market in this photo from August 29, 2020. Sales were slow at the 2020 Market compared to 2019, but since we also distributed 65 Farm Shares in Taos each Saturday, our truck was loaded with more produce than ever before.

Sweet Basil

growing in a heated green-house on May 13, 2020. Basil plants are our second best selling seedlings after Tomatoes. In 2021 we will be adding Lemon and Cinnamon Basil to our offer-ings as well as the herbs Oregano, Thyme, and Peppermint.

Green Onions

are one of the Farm’s signature products. We include them in Farm Shares in June and July before the Red, White, and Yellow Sweet Onion bulbs are ready for harvest. Our Green Onion bunches are spectacular compared to any that you see in a supermarket.

An Early CSA Share Purchase gets You a Farm Cash Bonus

Investing in building up our local farms is one of the best investments that can be made in these uncertain times.

Full Shares: $50 in Farm Cash             Half Shares: $30 in Farm Cash

Farm Cash can be spent at the Taos and Questa Farmers Markets, can be used to buy CSA Farm Shares, and can be used to purchase Veggies, Honey, Flowers, and Eggs in Cerro on Wednesdays

This offer is good through December 25th, 2020.

Pickup Days and Locations
For 2021 Season

Season runs June 21st to October 16th

Here is a list of the 2021 CSA pickup days,times, and locations:

Lama Mountain, 2:15 pm
Midtown Market, Arroyo Hondo…3:00 pm to 7pm
Sol Food Market, Arroyo Seco….3:30 pm to 7pm

At the Farm in Cerro, 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Taos Farmers Market, in Taos Plaza
8:00 am to 12:00 noon

Buy a Share Online, or by Mail

Shares can be purchased by mail if you pay by check, or can be purchased online with a credit card at our website cerrovistafarm.com. If you have Farm Cash Certificates, take a discount by mailing the certificates in with your sign up sheet and a check.

Contact us at cerrovistafarm@gmail.com

At Cerro Vista Farm

we are growing vegetablesand flowers on intensively planted raised beds enriched with compost, rock powders, and other organic soil amendments. We irrigate using sprinklers or drip irrigation. Our well water is one-year-old snowmelt that travels from the mountains to the Farm in an underground river.

Fall Storage Veggies Included
With All Summer Shares

The 2021 CSA Summer Share Season will be 17-weeks long, with 16 weeks of Summer Vegetables followed a week later with a one week distribution of Fall Storage Vegetables.

Both Full Shares and Half Shares will receive the same bag full of longer-storing veggies:

Winter Squash

In September and October,

as crops were harvested, we re-planted the fields in Winter Rye. The Rye is tilled down in late April to add organic matter to feed the soil. During 2021 the field shown here will be planted in Legumes which will be tilled down in August to supply Nitrogen for crops we will grow during year 2022.

Back in the good old days

before corona virus, we had an open display of veggies at our Wednesday Farmers Market in Cerro. Our plan is to increase sales at the Cerro Market as much as possible, so we look forward to building big beautiful produce displays for our customers once the virus threat has subsided.

Garlic growing on May 1, 2020

Last year’s crop was planted on October 20th; it came up on March 15th, and was harvested on August 25th. For 2021 we have planted 7,500 cloves so we will have enough for Farm Shares and enough to sell all summer at the three Farmers Markets that we attend.

During May and June 2021,

we will be selling vegetable seedlings on Wednesdays in Cerro, on Saturdays at the Taos Farmers Market, and on Sundays at the Questa Farmers Market. Pictured above is our display of seedlings for sale at the Taos Farmers Market on May 13, 2020. Tomatoes, Basil, Peppers, Zucchini, Lettuce, and Zinnias are our best-selling plants. The pandemic has created increased demand for veggie and flower seedlings worldwide because millions of more people are gardening at home.

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