Cerro Vista Farm

fresh local produce

Wholesale Produce Sales

Cerro Vista Farm sells premium quality produce wholesale to Taos area customers, delivering on Thursday afternoons. A $100.00 minimum order is required for free delivery. Pre-ordered wholesale produce can also be picked up on Saturday mornings at the Taos Farmers Market.  During the summer months, most produce is delivered within 24 hours of harvest, making it far superior to anything unloaded from a food service truck.

For a list of products and availability dates, click here.

Some of Cerro Vista Farm’s wholesale customers include:

  • Cid’s Food Market
  • Farmhouse Café and Bakery
  • Doc Martin’s Restaurant
  • The Love Apple Restaurant
  • 5 Star Burgers
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • Taos Municipal Schools

“Local Foods Partnerships”

Our wholesale customers have become, in spirit, or with written contracts, our business partners in creating more prosperity in our community.  They understand that, in some cases, small local farms cannot necessarily compete with the prices charged by the global industrial food system.  However, they know that our locally-grown produce offers them a better value for several reasons:

  • The freshness of the product – produce is delivered within 24 hours of harvest
  • The fact that it is 100% useable, and being so fresh, will have a long shelf life
  • The verifiable fact that it is free of herbicides and pesticides and GMOs
  • The fact that its production has created jobs in our community which means that farm employees will spend more money at their business
  • The fact that our local environment has benefited by ecologically-sound production practices that preserve our agricultural lands and water rights
  • The fact that offering “locally-grown” produce is a popular idea with their customers


Farmers traditionally take all the financial risk when investing money in farm equipment, supplies, and labor costs to produce crops to sell.  The cost of capital needed to farm must be factored into a farm’s wholesale prices to make the farm profitable. This explains another way that our wholesale customers can also become our business partners, by investing in our pre-delivery operational costs to obtain a discount on products when they are delivered.  Check out or discount schedule at the bottom of our wholesale price list.