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Taos Community Farms  -  Farming as though our lives depend on it !

The globalized industrial food system, which feeds everyone on earth, is by itself a major threat to human survival.  It is the number one contributor to global warming, and is now contaminating the genome of the earth’s food crops with genetically modified organisms. As you read this, it is poisoning workers, consumers, and water supplies, and breeding new super-weeds in the fields and super-viruses in confined animal feeding operations.  

This system must be replaced by a network of small local farms, ranches, and food processors!

In Taos, replacing the industrial system with a localized community food system should not be too difficult:  we have the farmland and water to produce more food than we need.  What is missing is a good business plan, and a large chunk of local financing to purchase appropriate-scale production, processing, storage, and distribution equipment. This is not new technology;  small-scale community and regional food systems were feeding people all over the world just 50 years ago.

During the past 12 years at Cerro Vista Farm, most of our sales income has come from selling CSA Farm Shares, a business model where our customers finance the operation by paying ahead of time for the produce they receive later in the season.  To expand our production further requires further financing on an order greater than required for most small business,  since producing quality fresh food requires large investments in labor and equipment each year.

Taos Community Farms  is a for-profit corporation formed by the owners of Cerro Vista Farm to provide a vehicle for local money to be invested in building a local food system for the Taos region.  Its mission is to grow and sell hundreds of acres worth of  highest-quality organic food products to Taos area grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, senior centers, and food banks.

There is a $100,000,000 per year market for locally grown food in Taos County.  To see a chart showing Per Capita Consumption of Selected Crops in Taos County and their annual wholesale values click here.

For more information on Taos Community Farms business investment opportunities email Daniel Carmona at Cerro Vista Farm:  cerrovistafarm@gmail.com