Cerro Vista Farm

fresh local produce

Cerro Vista Farm is offering 200 Farm Shares to Taos area residents in 2019. Over 24 members of our CSA community, plus paid workers and farm apprentices, work together to harvest fresh produce five-days-a-week.  CSA Farm Shares are harvested and delivered on the same day. We have EIGHT pickup locations from Cerro south to Taos. To purchase online, click on the shares listed below. To pay by check, ask us to mail you a brochure and order form. Thank you!

Summer Half Share - 2019

The Summer Share season lasts 17 weeks, from mid-June through the second week of October, and inludes a "Fall Share" of long storing vegetables distributed during the second week of October. Summer Half Shares are actually 2/3 the size of the Full Share, for 2/3 the price. Half Summer Shares include 5 or 6 different items each week selected from the 35 different varieties of field and greenhouse-grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers that we grow. For a more detailed description of the Summer Half Share + Fall Share click here.